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Title Year Info Get!
Our Sacrifice 2011 7th at Riverwash11 party in chip music compo AHX/MP3
Saturated 2011 15th (yup...) at Riverwash11 party in newschool music compo MP3
But Your Lips Are Cold 2009 4th at Riverwash09 party in chip music compo AHX/MP3
The Dreamer 2006 6th at Riverwash09 party in newschool music compo; also used in my girlfriend's first multimedia portfolio MP3
Sky Above Us 2006 4th at Symphony06 party in chip music compo AHX/MP3
Sleep My Beauty 2005 - MP3
Songo Kahn 2005 low-quality .RNS version of this tune came 3rd at TRSAC05 party in tracked music compo OGG
Asia 2005 3rd at Symphony05 party in chip music compo AHX/MP3
Ninja Commando 2005 made for scene.pl music compo; remake of Adam Gilmore's "Ninja Commando" OGG
Unknown State 2004 - AHX
Metamorphase  2004 my first jingle MP3
Iceflower 2004 - AHX
Deep 2003 4th at Function03 party in mp3 music compo MP3
Crystal Planet 2003 - AHX/MP3
The Oceanwoman  2003 made for Taboo. Finally, after three years, it was used in Eurochart#48. XM/MP3
As A Butterfly  2003 I don't like that track. But it was used in Eurochart#48. Pretty much without my permission... But I'm IRIS member, so... I'm not as angry as I should be. XM
Behind The Curtain Of A Dream  2003 made for Taboo - polish Amiga diskmag. Unfortunately Taboo died, so I made 4 channel version of this mod which was used in Eurochart 47 and it also came 2nd at Millennium03 party in 4ch music compo DBM/
Dumb Fuck Indahaus  2002 this one was made because I wanted to express my contempt to drumm'n'bass music. I used to be very "anti". :) So - all stupid sounds (including that "ahh" pad) are supposed to be here. :) DBM/MP3
Something Optimistic 2002 one of my favourites AHX/MP3
Amorphous Creation 2002 - AHX/MP3
Model K073-28  2002 electronics-robotics :) DBM
Disorderly Disturbance  2002 - DBM
My Path  2002 - AHX
Infernal Creation  2002 - AHX
Fire Within  2002 - AHX
Unnamed 2002 2nd at Abstract04 party in chip music compo. Also used in small IRIS demo called "Ham-6 kefratraz bars". MOD
I'll Tell You A Story 2002 2nd at Function03 party in tracked music compo DBM/MP3
Fullmoon 3  2002 - DBM/MP3
Fullmoon 2 2002 9th at Breakpoint04 party in tracked music compo DBM/MP3
Fullmoon 2002 3rd at tUM03 party in tracked music compo XM
Mario Brothers  2002 chipie; little conversion :) DBM/XM
Unforgotten Sin  2002 chippie DBM
Forgotten Sin  2002 chippie DBM
Don't Go To Rio 2002 11th at Marast05 party in tracked music compo IT
Alone...  2002 chippie; I like this one :) DBM/XM
Sleeping Stars  2001-02 lazy and mellow, that's why it's boring :) DBM/XM
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